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Airplane flight training is now part of the Epic Training Academy. Beginning in November 2018, we have applied our same industry-leading technique to flight training in the fixed-wing training environment. Our approach is specifically designed to ease training choke points and learning plateaus, especially at the private pilot level. You will appreciate our special focus on development of commercial pilot courses with job-specific electives that not only help you decide what industry & jobs most interest you, but also to better prepare you for real-world work. We provide our students with the technology, people and skills to produce safety-minded, confident and competent aviators - and we do so with the highest level of integrity and safety.

We Produce Safety-Minded, Confident & Competent Aviators. We Invite You to Become A Product of Instructional Excellence.

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If you are looking to make a career flying airplanes, successful completion of the Professional Pilot Program is the key to your success.

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The Private Pilot license is the first license all pilots earn. It's the foundation you will build upon for all other certificates. Being a Private Pilot allows you to share your passion of flight by flying your friends and family around, so long as it is not for hire. If you wish to own an airplane, the Private Pilot license is the minimum certification. This course is also the first course for any student enrolled in the Professional Pilot Program. If you are looking to add-on a private pilot rating to an existing pilot certificate, please see Additional Ratings.

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Add an additional rating to your existing pilot certificate. We make this as easy as possible on you. Because each pilot has a unique scenario or training goals, we recommend all add-on students schedule a consultation with the Flight Academy Manager to evaluate their existing knowledge and pilot experience. With this information, we can make recommendations on the most efficient and cost-effective way to achieve your goal.

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Recurrent training and Bi-annual Flight Review for airplane pilots in our Cessna 172.

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