Instrument Airplane (SEL) Additional Rating

This course is designed to add an instrument rating to a different category-class certificate that you already hold, thereby permitting you to fly under instrument flight rules (IFR) under the additional category-class.


The Instrument Airplane Rating Additional Course will teach the student how to fly an airplane with reference to instruments. At the end of the Instrument Rating Additional Course, you will have acquired the aeronautical knowledge and flight proficiency necessary to pass the required tests to add an instrument rating to your pilot’s license.

Enrollment Prerequisites

  • Must have an FAA Private or Commercial Helicopter Pilot certificate, OR
  • Must have an FAA Private or Commercial Helicopter with instrument privileges

Eligibility Requirements

  • Read, speak, write and understand English

Note: Up to 20 hours toward your instrument rating may be flown in our FAA approved flight simulator. See price breakdown.

Hours are based on Part 141 FAA minimums, not average completion times. Prices for books & supplies, the knowledge test, the FAA’s practical test and your medical certificate may vary.

Dual Flight Instruction 15 $210 $3,150
Pre/Post Briefing 9 $50 $450
Ground Instructions 30 $50 $1,500
Instrument Airplane (SEL) Additional Rating Total $5,100