Night Vision Goggle (NVG) Course - Recurrent

The Night Vision Goggle (NVG) Course is designed for pilots seeking initial or recurrent night vision goggle training. This course will satisfy the requirements set forth in 14 CFR Part 61.31(k).

Course Information:

The Airbus H125 helicopter is used to conduct night vision goggle flight training for this course. The course schedule consists of 1 training day with 2-4 hours of classroom training and 2 hours per student of flight training. At course completion, pilots will regain the experience necessary to safely operate an AHI helicopter product while utilizing night vision goggles.

Instructor pilots will determine at the end of flight training if students possess the proficiency to receive the end of course graduation certificate. This is accomplished utilizing a progressive evaluation technique by the Instructor Pilot. Students who fail to perform to standard will be given credit for training given, but will not receive an end of course certificate.

Course Objective:

  • Refresher qualification for commercial pilots.
  • Retrain students who have not flown night vision goggles for more than six months, in the basic flight maneuvers covered in the Rotorcraft-Helicopter Practical Test Standards.

Ground Training Content:

  • Aeromedical factors related to the use of night vision goggles
  • Goggle evolution and operation
  • Sources of night light
  • NVG visual acuity
  • Meteorological conditions and NVG
  • Crew resource management specific to NVG operations
  • NVG failures
  • NVG maneuver review

Flight Training Content:

  • Classroom preflight briefing
  • Helicopter preflight inspection
  • Hot Cockpit Orientation (0.3 hours)
  • Flight maneuvers (1.7 hours)

Enrollment Prerequisites:

  • Hold an FAA Helicopter Pilot certificate
  • Hold at least a second class medical certificate
  • Current helicopter experience
  • Minimum of 300 hours flight time in the same aircraft series
  • In special circumstances, any of the above requirements may be waived with Chief Instructor approval.