R-22 Flight Review Course

The Flight Review Course is designed to meet the requirements of 14 CFR 61.56 for rated helicopter pilots who wish to maintain their Pilot-in-Command status. This course can also serve as an annual flight review for pilots who wish to remain eligible to act as Pilot-in-Command of a Robinson R-22 and who have less than 200 hours, per SFAR 73 (Special Federal Aviation Regulation).

Course Information

Are you a safety-minded pilot interested in currency beyond the basic Flight Review? If the answer is yes, see our comprehensive Pilot Refresher Course (Part 141) which includes up to 6 renewable items, meets the requirements for a Flight Review, and is insurance approved for meeting policy recurrency requirements.

Enrollment Prerequisites

  • Hold at least an FAA Private Helicopter Pilot license

Eligibility Requirements

  • Hold an FAA private helicopter pilot license
  • Read, speak, write and understand English
  • Hold at least a third class medical certificate

Dual Flight Instruction 1 $300 $300
Ground Instruction 1 $50 $50
R-22 Flight Review Course Total $350