R66 Turbine Transition Course (Initial)

The R66 Turbine Transition Course is taught in the Robinson R66 five seat turbine-powered helicopter. The course is designed for rated helicopter pilots that either have no experience in turbine helicopters or no experience in the Robinson R66. This course will provide the Trainee with a current flight review.

Enrollment Prerequisites

  • Hold at least a Private Pilot Rotorcraft-Helicopter certificate
  • Hold at least a current third class medical certificate.
  • Note: The Trainee is not required to have a current flight review or current SFAR 73 sign-offs.

Ground Training Content

Ground training is conducted over 3 lessons, each 2 hours long. The Trainee will also review knowledge areas required for a flight review, pursuant to 14 CFR 61.56. A satisfactory flight review is at the sole discretion of the instructor as to whether the pilot demonstrates the safe exercise of the privileges of the pilot certificate held.

  • R66 systems and descriptions
  • Powerplant and accessories
  • Starting procedure
  • Performance and limitations
  • Normal and emergency procedures
  • Pre and post-flight procedures
  • Cockpit familiarization
  • Regulations

R66 Flight Training

Flight training is conducted over 5 flight lessons, the last lesson being an end of course check.

  • Basic maneuvers
    • Straight and level
    • Climbs, turns, descents
    • Take-offs and approaches
    • Rapid decelerations
    • Hover
    • Air taxi
    • Autorotations
  • Advanced maneuvers
    • Advanced autorotations
    • Hover autorotations
    • Slope landings
    • Pinnacle operations
    • Settling with power
    • Hydraulics failure
    • Shallow approach to running landing
  • Enroute and off-airport operations
    • Confined area operations
    • Inadvertent IMC
    • Unusual flight attitude recovery
    • Emergency procedures

Training Pace

The R66 Turbine Transition Course can be completed on a fast-paced schedule of 3 days, or can be scheduled on a more leisurely pace at the convenience of the Trainee’s availability.

* Hours are based on Epic Helicopters’ FAA approved Part 141 syllabus.

Recurrent Training

Please visit the R66 Turbine Transition Course (Recurrent).

R66 Helicopter

Dual Flight Instruction 6.5 $990 $6,435
Ground Instruction 6 $55 $330
Pre/Post Briefing 6.3 $55 $347
R66 Turbine Transition Course (Initial) Total $7,112