R66 Turbine Transition Course (Recurrent)

The R66 Turbine Transition Course (Recurrent) is taught in the Robinson R66 five seat turbine-powered helicopter. The course can be completed in one day and includes 2 hours of ground instruction, 3 hours of flight time and 1 hour of pre and post-flight briefing.

This course is designed for rated helicopter pilots that have previously attended Epic Helicopters' R66 Turbine Transition Course (Initial). This course will provide the Trainee with a current flight review.

Enrollment Prerequisites

  • Hold at least a Private Pilot Rotorcraft-Helicopter certificate
  • Hold at least a current third class medical certificate.
  • Have previously graduated from the R66 Turbine Transition Course (Initial)
  • Note: The Trainee is not required to have a current flight review or current SFAR 73 sign-offs.

Ground Training Content

Ground training is conducted over 1 lesson that is 2 hours. The Trainee will also review knowledge areas required for a flight review, pursuant to 14 CFR 61.56. A satisfactory flight review is at the sole discretion of the instructor as to whether the pilot demonstrates the safe exercise of the privileges of the pilot certificate held.

  • R66 systems and descriptions
  • R66 applicable Service Bulletins, Airworthiness Directives, Service Letters and other manufacturer updates
  • Performance and limitations
  • Normal and emergency procedures
  • Regulations

R66 Flight Training

Flight training is conducted over 2 flight lessons.

  • Flight Maneuvers
    • Rapid decelerations
    • Autorotations
    • Advanced autorotations
    • Hover autorotations
    • Slope landings
    • Pinnacle operations
    • Settling with power
    • Hydraulics failure
    • Shallow approach to running landing
  • Enroute and off-airport operations
    • Confined area operations
    • Inadvertent IMC
    • Unusual flight attitude recovery
    • Emergency procedures

R66 Helicopter

Dual Flight Instruction 3 $990 $2,970
Ground Instruction 2 $55 $110
Pre/Post Briefing 1 $55 $55
R66 Turbine Transition Course (Recurrent) Total $3,135