Vertical Reference (Long Line) Course

The Vertical Reference (Long Line) Course is designed for companies and agencies with new hires needing comprehensive long line training to prepare their pilots for field work as well as pilots seeking to enhance their skills or prepare them for a flying job with an external load company.

Course Information

The Vertical Reference (Long Line) Course is taught in the Robinson R44 helicopter, which is an economical training helicopter for long line training that is also a versatile platform for training with various types of loads.

Course Length

  • The initial training course is 10 days, depending on number of students in the class, weather and other variables.
  • Recurrent courses are also offered at a shorter durations.

Training Content

  • Fundamentals of vertical reference and long lining
  • Introduction and foundation of vertical reference and long lining
  • Skill set development, enhancement, and refinement
  • Care and handling of a long line
  • Ground crew operations/communications training/hand signals
  • Safety training
  • Normal and emergency procedures

Enrollment Prerequisites

  • Hold at least an FAA Private Helicopter Pilot license

Eligibility Requirements

  • Hold an FAA private helicopter pilot license
  • Read, speak, write and understand English
  • Hold at least a third class medical certificate

Vertical Reference (Long Line) Course

Initial Training Course Flat Fee (18 hrs dual instruction + 12 hrs classroom) N/A $15,895 $15,895
Vertical Reference (Long Line) Course Total $15,895