Private Pilot Airplane Multi-Engine Land

The Private Pilot Airplane Multi-Engine Land Rating allows you to add multi-engine airplane privileges to your existing private airplane pilot license.

Course Information

The student will learn how to fly a multi-engine airplane and be introduced to multi-engine aerodynamics, operating procedures, systems and performance considerations, normal and emergency procedures, including engine-out procedures. The student will also gain proficiency in single-pilot resource management (SRM) skills.

Enrollment Prerequisites

  • Candidates must hold at minimum a Private Pilot license for airplanes.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Hold at least a current 3rd class medical certificate

* Hours are based on Part 141 FAA minimums, not average completion times. Rates listed for the aircraft are block rates, available when customer chooses cash deposit option of $3,000 deposit increments. Add $10/hr for regular rate on the aircraft rental if not choosing block payments. Prices for books & supplies, the knowledge test, the FAA’s practical test and your medical certificate may vary.