Initial Flight Training Application

This application is your first step to enrollment at Epic Helicopters. It will help us to determine how best to serve you. If you have previous aeronautical experience, we strongly suggest a pre-enrollment visit to the flight academy to determine how your previous experience can credit toward the training you desire. After completing this application, you will have the option to schedule a school visit, enrollment appointment, phone call or Skype call (international students). We are always here to help you and just a phone call away. Our goal is to make the enrollment process as easy as possible, so please let us know what questions you have.

What is your availability? Select the number of days per week you can commit to training and let us know what time blocks each day you are available to train. Your training schedule will be designed around your availability and available training blocks. We recommend selecting all times you are available, not just times you would prefer over others. Selecting only the times you wish to train may limit your training frequency. A full-time student is considered one training block per day for 5 days a week. We recommend a minimum of 3 training blocks per week for learning efficiency. A single training block is defined as a 2-hour window.