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Professional Flight Training

Epic Helicopters is a leader in professional airplane and helicopter flight instruction for initial pilot training, recurrent training, transition training, advanced training, veteran and international student training.

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  • Fort Worth, Texas - 15th largest city in the United States
  • Excellent year-round flying weather
  • Cost of training is affordable, especially for international students
  • Nearby activities: baseball, football, hockey, movies, theater, water park, theme park, outdoor life
  • Centrally located in the United States
  • Training based at Fort Worth Meacham Airport (Class D airspace)
  • Challenging airspace for more learning scenarios
  • Custom exclusive-use practice areas on the airport to make your training faster and less expensive
Classroom with Helicopter Students


Epic Helicopters boasts one of the most technologically advanced training environments following a major facility expansion and investment in our student's training success.

  • 14,000 square feet of training space
  • Integrated smart classroom technology
  • Vending machines, student lounge and full kitchen
  • Student housing and transportation
  • Accessible via a major international airport hub (DFW International)
Helicopter Flight Training

Professionally Managed

We are particular about the quality and experience of the instructors we employ because the goal and measured product of Epic Training Academy is to produce safety-minded, confident and competent aviators. Our Certified Flight and Ground Instructors will guide you along the path to becoming a rated pilot and will tailor the pace to your specific needs and learning style. Whether for fun or if you are exploring our Professional Pilot Programs, Epic is serious about your training needs. And we welcome you to get to know our company's leadership by reading up on management biographies.

"Choosing Epic for My Helicopter Training Was the Best Decision I Could Have Made. I Have Epic to Thank for My Career Success."

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Aircraft Fleet

Robinson helicopters are consistently the most reliable and popular training helicopters in the world.


With two seats and a maximum take-off weight of 1,370 lbs the R22 is the most popular training helicopter in the world.


With four seats and a maximum take-off weight of between 2,200 - 2,500 lbs (depending on which model), the R44 is the most popular helicopter for training for instrument flight rules (IFR) and is also widely used for training under visual flight rules (VFR) too.


With 5 seats and a maximum take-off weight of 2,700 lbs, this turbine-powered helicopter is the most economical turbine powered civil helicopter used for turbine transition training and, for some future R66 owners, a platform for all of their training.

BELL 407

With 7 seats, the Bell 407 is a single-engine turbine helicopter used for initial turbine and airframe transition training as well as recurrent training.

Cessna 172

With 4 seats, the Cessna 172 is one of the most prolific single engine airplanes in the world. They are economical, reliable, and a poplar choice for flight training.

Industry-Recognized Training Program Excellence

Epic's core curriculum received a complete makeover in 2017, re-designed entirely from the bottom up with the sole focus of how to best cater to efficient student progression and do so safely. Our new approach is specifically designed to ease training choke points and learning plateaus, especially at the private pilot level. We have taken special focus on development of commercial course level students with job-specific elective courses to not only help students decide what industry jobs most interest them, but also to better prepare our students for real-world work. We provide our students with the technology, people and skills to produce safety-minded, confident and competent aviators - and we do so with the highest level of integrity and safety. Read what Vertical Magazine has to say about our newly redesigned curriculum.

International Student Training Helicopter


Safety is paramount to maintaining a highly reputable flight training program.

  • Epic maintains an accident and incident free record in over 11 years of business
  • Employees are enrolled in a drug testing program
  • Hazard and incident reporting system used by students and staff
  • Quarterly safety events
  • Our training airport is staffed with 24 hour, 7 days a week airport rescue and firefighting (ARFF).
Robinson Helicopter Service Center

Maintenance Service Center

Epic Helicopters is a Robinson Helicopter Factory Authorized Service Center.

  • Factory trained mechanics
  • Aircraft maintenance is performed on location
  • Aircraft are maintained to the highest quality standard
  • All personnel are enrolled in a drug testing program

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